Tips to Enjoy Photography in the Water

Have you ever thought of capturing the amazing under water world in your camera? Or have you ever taken the flicks while river rafting or under a waterfall? A regular digital camera cannot work for such purposes. You have to make the use of waterproof digital camera for this purpose.

Digital camera technology is apt for nature and landscape photography. You are sure to get breathtaking images that open up your eyes at once. If you are fond of landscape and underwater photography, nothing gives you a better experience than the digital photography.

But you must know the difference between land photography and water photography first. Water is not transparent like air. Water consists of sand, dust and other particles and fragments which make it dense. So you need special camera to take the photographs.

Basically, the waterproof cameras fall under two categories. The first category is amphibian cameras. Their name suggests their features very well. Amphibians are the vertebrates who can live on land as well as inside the water through out their lives. They are adaptable to both the habitats. Likewise, the amphibian camera can also work in water as well as in the normal conditions. These cameras are the built-in waterproof cameras. The camera is also good to carry while traveling.

Amphibian digital cameras are easy to use and carry while tracking. The camera is able to take photographs on land and water with the help of an in-built lens. The lens is fitted with in the body of the camera. But you have both the zooming options of optical zoom and digital zoom. Almost all the leading companies manufacture the amphibious digital waterproof camera. You will envision some fantastic waterproof camera in the marketplace.

Like all the digital cameras, the waterproof cameras are also available in multiple mega pixels and internal memory of certain mega bytes. But you cannot use the amphibious cameras to a larger depth. Every amphibious camera has a limited depth to be waterproof. You cannot use this camera above the depth of 5 feet. If you are fond of underwater photography and some serious landscape photography, you need to do waterproof housing of your camera.

According to the photography experts, an SLR camera is the best for underwater clicking and river rafting. These cameras have enhanced features like exposure control, auto focus and through the lens viewing. You can make your SLR camera or any other camera water resistant by waterproof housing. You will get a number of water housing covers on the block. All the major companies have water housing for their digital cameras. Your digital camera will perform wondrously underwater, in rain and anywhere in water.

The flash in waterproof camera does not reach beyond twelve feet. So it is best to take the photos when the sun is overhead. This will give you clearer images.

The most important thing to remember about waterproof cameras is their maintenance. Never forget to lubricate your waterproof digital camera. Clean the O ring properly. The O ring is the seal that protects water from entering in to the camera. This seal has to be scratch less and without any dust and cuts on it. Damage to the O seal can damage the whole camera. If you have any doubt about the seal, immediately get it replaced.

Now with all this information, enjoy the most exciting views of nature with your waterproof digital camera. Have fun by adding audio-visual affects to them and accentuate the beauty of your photographs. Save the photographs and send them to friends.