Wedding Photography Tips to Ensure You Capture

If you are asked to do the photography for a wedding, this is a huge responsibility. Everyone has heard horror stories about wedding day photo disasters, and the last thing you want to do is disappoint the happy couple. The wedding day is one of the biggest events in a person’s life, and one that they want to remember forever. Photos give them a way that they can look back at that special day. To make sure that you get great results when photographing a wedding, here are a few wedding photography tips to keep in mind so you capture the beauty of this special day.

Tip #1 – Find Out What the Couple Wants

First, you need to talk to the couple and find out what they want from their wedding photographs. Every couple is going to be a bit different. Some may want formal shots, while others may want more candid photos. Take time to meet with the couple before the wedding, get to know their personalities, and make sure you have a clear picture of what they want. The more you know about what their preferences are, the more likely you are to get the wedding shots that they want.

Tip #2 – Ask for a List of Specific Shots

Another of the important wedding photography tips to keep in mind is to ask for a list of specific shots that they want done. Have them think about what they want to remember about the day and the wedding album they would like to have. Let them list the shots that they want to ensure they get on their wedding day, such as photos with family, photos with particular friends, and more. With this list, you can ensure you get the shots they really want on their wedding day.

Tip #3 – Check Out the Wedding and Reception Sites

Before the wedding, take some time to check out the wedding and reception sites. This way you know what you can expect. You’ll know the back drop you are working with and you will also get a good idea of the lighting conditions you will have to deal with. This allows you to take some time on your own to come up with good locations for some of the wedding photos as well and you’ll have a better idea of the equipment you’ll need to have with you on the day of the wedding.

Tip #4 – Always Have Backups

When it comes to equipment, one of the best wedding photography tips is to make sure you always have backups of everything. Have a backup camera, backup batteries, backup flash heads, extra film or memory cards, and a backup of any other equipment you plan to bring. This way if something goes wrong, and it can, you ensure you have a backup so the bride and groom are not left without photos of this important event.

The wedding day is extra special and a once in a lifetime event. Make sure you are well prepared if you will be taking the photos. With these wedding photograph tips, you’ll be well prepared and ready to take beautiful photos that the couple will treasure throughout their married life.